Chris Ramsey - Seven Springs Terrain Park Operations Supervisor/ Wild – Cartel Supply Co

Chris Ramsey - Seven Springs Terrain Park Operations Supervisor/ Wild Lands Fire Fighter



Between building and creating some of the most innovative features on snow with his partner in crime Hammy, and the team over at Seven Springs Terrain Parks, to helping build Snowboarder Magazine's infamous Superpark Chris Ramsey somehow finds time between all of this to work as a wildland firefighter in the offseason.  We recently reached out to Chris for his upcoming cross-country journey as the snow finally starts to melt on the East Coast to see what he's up to, and what type of content you can expect to see from him. Be sure to follow @ramz_rod and @cartelsupplycompany to stay up to date on what's happening.

"The good people over at Cartel Supply Co. first hooked me up with some bars after I had told them about my upcoming cross-country road trip. See I follow the seasons; in the winter my life revolves around snowboarding and the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. Then in the Summer, I travel over 3000 miles to Idaho where I spend my days living out of my backpack as a wildland firefighter.

 Between work and my other hobbies, I spend the majority of my time outdoors, or at least as much as I can. With that comes some serious filth, so I took no offense to a friend offering me some bars of soap to help me stay clean and fresh.


When a soap company pairs good scents with all natural ingredients, its a no-brainer for me. Not to mention their initiative to create a more eco-friendly product for the earth.


Quick side note, plastic sucks. This soap comes in a paper box, you do the math."

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